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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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from a. local. qatar detains journalists were documenting poor labor conditions for world cup workers which alter one of them about what they discovered prior to their arrest. no let up in america's death threat as lawmakers stall on a decision was just over a day until default could strike we look at things waiting in line to get what's left of the budget. and as the world braces for the worst some nations are seeking economic refuge in china also it's call for global d. americanization.
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hello and welcome back to our t. after are scheduled to engineering work at the new center here in moscow i'm to be on with a let's get straight to our main story this hour right the top isn't broiled in a fresh scandal over its a twenty twenty two world cup preparation two german documentary makers were detained there after talking to them filming migrants building the events infrastructure there in very investigating claims that labor conditions in the gulf kingdom border on slavery and have led to dozens of migrant workers deaths are to talk to filmmaker peter gives all who told about the detention in doha and should some of the video that letter has a rest. first we got arrested by the federal police in a hotel rooms were taken to the headquarters which is an doha city and we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all
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the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right in the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the night in separate cells my cameraman and me. we were in there in that prison in those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the bad thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed a single phone call not to our embassy you know to families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world obviously your investigation was cattails wasn't broadcast to the end in full but what did you find out there with your own eyes. well in those two days we had until we got arrested we were able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twenty twelve years i
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think working as an air come in addition specialists ironically his ark of addition itself doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he said i think thirty five about him not getting the salary and his bonuses for a number of years now and his main difficulty was to fight the case against his. against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his passport from him so his problems fighting the case and called us problems getting back he stopped making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home that's a that's a bad devil or circle he's in that was one example of the people i mean not an isolated case another bunch of. another bunch of guys who just tell you that you'll be might be seeing in the pieces well four of them they haven't got paid for seven
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months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers and have one major problem they have to work with in the so called kufa system that me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into catawba has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the cup ration. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but most to dispose of as they take the past post away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. they need humane conditions that the nepalese work because i enjoy being full qatar's world cup come up and abby mt is breaking the set which you can watch right now and dot com this is a country of two million people there are currently three hundred forty thousand
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nepalese migrant workers many of which been assigned to world cup construction but according to several reports released by the guardian the workers face brutal working conditions long hours lack of pay and wretched living quarters and just yesterday it was confirmed that seventy napoli's labors have already died while working on world cup projects yet both the nepalese and guitar governments refuse to acknowledge this massive human rights problem so if you're sick of world powers treating migrant laborers like garbage and tell fifo to pressure qatar and put an end to this modern day slavery. default within two days if not on the cards will the united states unless squabbling lawmakers come up with a viable solution to the political stalemate most of the government's not been behind mothballed for more than two weeks unable to provide services all pay the
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bills parian bori reports and some of the world hit by the deadlock. we are here now at the world war two memorial where the military coalition just held a press conference there calling on congress and president obama to strike a deal and to end the government shutdown of the military coalition as a group of thirty three service member and veterans organizations they represent about five point five million people this includes the active service veterans retirees and their families now the president signed into law the pay our military act on september thirtieth just hours before the government shutdown is that was supposed to ensure that our active military members would contend need to get paid if the government did in fact shut down but the bill didn't include a lot of programs that military members and veterans rely on now i spoke with gary augustine he's from the disabled veterans association and he explains exactly what's going on there many veterans especially veterans who are injured or ill
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because of their military service that's all the income that they have coming in every month with those benefits being paid they won't be able to mortgage there will be a group of bills many of them won't be able to put food on their table so that is kevin straw for many of them now another issue that's surrounding d.c. right now is the debt limit and what a lot of people don't understand here is that if we hit the limit without reaching it without extending i'm not going to automatically default on the debt what would happen at that time we don't raise the debt ceiling is the government would have to start prioritizing the treasury brings in about two hundred billion dollars per month in revenue our interest payments are close to around twenty billion dollars so there's plenty of cash on hand to make our interest payments but there's not enough money to pay for all government programs now earlier i spoke with jonathan mann he's facing very tough financial decisions right now he doesn't know if he can pay his rent even though he. prioritizing payments as a billion employee i'm not able to work collect my salary as
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a drilling reservist i'm not able to drill. and as. full time student my chapel payment made up this year and first in november so it's been an entire kind of income loss. of course i can't travel or do anything or visit family right now i'm just in a holding pattern on paying the rent and eating so the military coalition has said that congress and the president are using the military as pawns and that the shutdown is jeopardizing our military readiness and while we're at war it jeopardizes our security had to find the military in a few spaces and as you can see it's causing a lot of people to fall through the cracks in washington d.c. perry and boring are to. economists an academic a new rockwell told us the debt shake up could finally make the u.s. spend more wisely. like to see the fall so we were going to get
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a balanced budget that forces the government to live on its income and stop borrowing if they really are worried about you know they don't have enough money or they should shut down the n.s.a. and stop spying on everybody why don't they have bring the troops home from afghanistan and iraq and yemen pakistan and all the rest of it was stop killing people that would say could really and dollars that would solve all the budget problems and it's coming for the dollars the reserve currency. who knows what it was going to take a place will be some combination will be the chinese currency the russian currency brazil. you know we don't know but yes the end is coming to dollar germany because of the amount of dollar printing the dollar creation reserve is and gave them. on a website or we're asking who do you think will suffer the most if the us the defaults not more than a hopeful view thing that is the american people who will suffer the most if
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a government fails to find a way out of the shutdown if if to believe it's america's creditors and bondholders who should be worrying as they will see their investments decimated after the same about the same thing it's barack obama who bear the brunt as the president to let the largest the world's largest economy fail and finally just about ten percent of you think it's the republicans and it's tea party movement who'd be the biggest losers because the default will cost them votes in future elections so head to our tea dot com is and where you can add your voice. by the clock's ticking towards the u.s. a default a but some western nations always saying no time in turning east china is catching of the eyes on america as close as ally britain has been sending the country's top brass to. china earlier called on the world to stop to quote the americanize reports on the shifting attitudes. this week
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a cheer leading british chancellor took to beijing on a bridge building trade mission one of my tasks this week is to explain to the british people just how far china has come how sophisticated your businesses are how advanced you are in the fields of high tech and science and one of my principal goals this week is not just to increase british investment in china but to increase chinese investment in britain westminster's criticism of china's human rights record has up until recently blighted relations it could be hitting the treasury as well according to some estimates the british economy has been missing out on billions of pounds of cash from the people's republic germany's been far more proactive in terms of promoting trade so for instance germany exports some seventy billion dollars worth of things to china every year you get twenty five percent more tourists going to france and coming to the u.k. which is ridiculous you get chinese ladies. to buy handbags i think we've been very
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slow frankly and i think we've been a bit arrogant we think people will come to us i mean the reality is china is the largest growth economy in the world and it just so happened that mr osborne's trip to china took place at the same time as the us government shutdown but it's hard not to see the irony while politicians the world over speak of the potentially disastrous consequences of the washington debt crisis and economists warn of a loss of investor confidence in the us george osborne's not here in westminster he's over in beijing courting chinese investment. at the same time a strongly worded opinion piece in china's leading government news outlet said that the world should start to de americanize the article went viral it spoke of the need for a new international reserve currency that would replace the dominance of the us dollar and not altogether crazy prospect for some analysts. and for income as
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a reserve is mounting and the us seems to be printing money with no end in sight the us dollar has lost according to the obvious well you know since the federal reserve was there stablished and there was little return for huge investment and then with. trade opportunities opening up in terms of resources comes of assets so china has been by versified its reserves for the past maybe even over the past decade and of course the space would be gathering speed and with the u.k. struggling to emerge from recession it looks as though for westminster china's money is now more important than its politics there are some. seeds i. think in the. middle of the slightest
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they. might. be very says that if we bring up. the. polyploid r.t. london. the suspects being there are set in the moscow murdo which spoke to make a wind tame over kabul led to dozens of arrests as attackers targeted my gran's at all dot com and i you know we have a video of the suspects arrest including some exclusive images. to the moon and bag a russian designed to unveil another ambitious plan to visit a martian moon and reveal secrets of how our solar system began.
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on that story to greece families are used to you wanting their children grow up and fly in the nest in greece though it's the opposite biting cuts of seeing parents have to take work abroad and leaving their kids behind as andrew farm has been finding out. on the surface and from a distance a hill it looks like a normal time in northern greece but if you look more closely you'll find that things are very different afternoon the times central square children play but in the background a much older generation is looking on here grandparents take the role of parents who left the time to find work abroad over half of achilles one hundred children are brought up in this way fourteen year old ana maria is one of them. came
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a boy but if i understand my parents left to find a better life i also understand if they return they would be unemployed but i think in a few years all of greece will be like a town of course it is difficult to leave here because i need the love and affection of my parents my gran and grandad do their best but they cannot offer me this grandpa is now seventy but except his new responsibilities his own kids emigrating to austria to open a restaurant after failing to find employment to do our town as abandoned it is a cruel reality to force my children to emigrate many locals have gone abroad in search of a better life take a drive down any street in italy yeah and you will see what he means shutters are permanently down on dozens of homes the plight of the times this teenager to act making an award winning film about the problems her parents' friends are facing.
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and there were examples in your film where in the playground the child schooled an orphan cruel words from the children but these sort of things do happen. at their everyday lives. howard so long. the cruel thing is that they leave us out there are parents despite the playground taunts academically the children don't seem to be held back though the local head teacher says that's because they know they have to succeed for their future or here because the same way that these children whose parents live abroad make a special effort they want to show they are trying often their dream is to leave greece and to be with their parents if that happens hilaire will continue to shrink
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just under three thousand people live here after a similar amount left over the last decade increasingly those that remain at the young and the old a reminder that greece's financial problems are also changing the social landscape andry pharma take. after the break the biggest company you've probably never heard off now is the british private friend that's in charge of a large chunk of public services but it's getting a name for itself and the claims of overcharging incompetence and mismanagement that's just the hague. told him a language at all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for unlike the pollution and no i will leave that to the state department to comment on
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your latter point. to carry out a car it's all you're talking milk i. think you know more weasel words. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and a little bit of the freedom to watch. right . we're strong. and i think you're. on the record but. i. am. i. am going to
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stay with us here on r.g.p. to a story that's unfolding right now russia's key political opposition figure the anti corruption blogger alexina loney is back in court his appeal against earlier conviction has just stopped and here are live pictures from of the city of the i q rough in central russia live on i was found guilty of investment when the serving as an aide to the cure of government four years ago i was also sentenced to five years in prison and held in the altar but it was released a pending appeal a day later since then the lesson of all the ransom was calm am coming out second to with twenty seven percent of the vote if his appeal is rejected today no while new faces a five yes behind bars will have more of that story as it unfolds seniors. which. to try and keep
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a lid on spending governments often turn to private firms to provide some public services as one from in britain that's got a lucrative finger in many pies from running hospital pathology labs to immigrant detention centers a stressor so you're now reports it's making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. for bicycles for rent to health services prison speed cameras ambulances and even the government's work programme for the jobless chances are they're operated by global private companies that you may have never even heard of have you ever heard of the companies. should know better about. have you ever heard of the compas group of companies being. never had never heard of serco. and on the ground you know one of the biggest companies providing public service is a thanks to outsource government contractors a company called a serco operating various services for the transport for london electronic tagging
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a presence for the ministry of justice and some out of hours general practice services for the national health service now these are just powerful of areas of the company operates and it's been a cold reports as the biggest company no one's ever heard of and the company is currently making headlines as is being investigated for fraud mismanagement even submitting falsified data to various government departments it's also having to deal with a long list of complaints on the quality of the service it provides for its part has said that the situation is being dealt with accordingly but it has not asked which concerns that ultimately it is the british public that is bearing the brunt of all these blunders all of the companies that are taking over a number of the public services are they competent to the have their expertise. come they really effectively manage the service they want to be in
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a monopoly position where they can dominate the market so i think we need to. remain with competition the u.k. government is set to continue on its massive outsourcing drive the n.h.s. or the health service for instance isn't working on its single a big it's a contract to date inviting bids valley. between seven hundred million and one point one billion pounds at a company like serco could very well end up with another lucrative contract the institute for government estimates that one in every three pounds of the government spends on public services ends up in the hands of private or voluntary sector organisations one of the reasons that these public service markets often is because the pace and scale of reform is causing significant problems and the rush to develop public service market is avoidable errors have often been made in design and oversight and what we would urge the government is to slow down learn quickly from mistakes and correct them out of the system before another mistake grabs the
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headline but there doesn't seem to be any slowing down on the part of the government and for those in the private sector it's simply business as usual just sort of the r t one. some of the world's other news headlines now another nightmare for boeing dreamliner after the air india judge the last few years later panel in mid may all a hundred forty eight people on board the flight from new delhi to bangalore us they've new one knew the pod was even missing until after the plane landed the troubled a new dreamliner was have suffered a spate of problems two japanese planes had to divert in the past week because of technical problems while the feed was grounded in general because of batteries catching fire. a powerful typhoon has better japan killing at least fourteen people thousands how to be evacuated to safety in what was the strongest storm in ten years causing record rains and mudslides past close to tokyo with
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where schools were closed by scant bullet train services suspended. by coming up next we examine the dock sequence all of us surrounding the gulf of mexico oil disaster one of the worst spills in history. the fifth leaves the. economic ups and downs in the final at months they belong to the deal sang i and the rest that life is going be taking will be everything we call today a. wealthy british
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style. expert on to facebook's privacy. market why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. right from the scene. first straight to you and i think pictures. on our reporter's twitter. on instagram. to be in the know. on. the
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media leave us so we leave maybe. i can see motions to the way your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth of the might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. coming up.
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at our teen years we have a different thread the good because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. good. at. you guys stick to the jokes will handle the big stuff that i've got to. the story is me me me ins in iran.
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the british geologists discovered iran was sitting on an emotional boil and they decided they would take and they formed the anglo persian oil company and made a corrupt deal with the iranian monarchy. they guaranteed itself all iran's oil. shortly after that the british government bought fifty one percent of the company and of the suggestion of winston churchill the british navy switched from coal to oil. the warships of the projected british power all of the world were now run one hundred percent wrong. and then in one nine hundred fifty two ronnie ins decided to take their oil. the democratically elected government of prime minister mohammad most an act nationalize the anglo iranian oil company. he banished all the british diplomats and along with them the secret agents who were plotting his overthrow so private.


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